Jitka Murray slapped a woman twice for dancing at the Elton John concert.
Jitka Murray slapped a woman twice for dancing at the Elton John concert.

Beauty therapist slaps groover at Elton concert

A BEAUTY therapist has been sentenced for hitting a fellow concert goer twice because they refused to stop dancing to Elton's music.

Jitka Murray, from Peregian, was in the tiered seating at the Elton John concert at Sunshine Coast Stadium with her father and friends on March 4 when she came to the attention of police.

A fellow concert goer had stood up in front of her group and began dancing to the first song.

They asked her to sit down and she complied with their requests for a few songs.

But a banger eventually brought her back to her feet, a court heard.

"You need to sit down," Ms Murray, 42, told the woman.

The woman replied that Elton had said they could dance in their seats and she wasn't going to stop.

"The complainant failed to sit down and the defendant then struck the complainant with an open-hand slap to the left side of her face," police prosecutor Stephen Potter said.

In response to being slapped, the woman said "really, wow" and reiterated she was not going to sit down.

Ms Murray then delivered a second open-hand slap.

The incident was reported to police who removed Ms Murray from her seat.

At Maroochydore Magistrates Court today, she pleaded guilty to common assault.

The mother-of-one had no criminal history.

The court heard Ms Murray felt like "the complainant was in her face" but her behaviour was out of character.

Character references for the beauty therapist were tendered to the court.

She was given a good behaviour bond of $2000 for two years.

The conviction was not recorded.