Become a green thumb with 5 easy plants ready for winter

AUTUMN is the perfect season to get those veggies growing and don't worry if you're a newbie, a Fraser Coast horticulturist has tips to get you off to a shooting start. 

Hervey Bay horticulturalist Kelli Leatham said cooler days meant less nasty pests and excellent vegetable growing on the Fraser Coast. 

"Humidity breeds a lot more pests and we've noticed there isn't as many people coming through the door with pest problems lately," Kelli said.

Kelli, who is the manager at Plants Plus Possum Paradise in Hervey Bay, said the mild temperatures made for a better environment to grow fruit and vegetables.

Her big tips for growers, especially those new to gardening, was to use organic fertilisers and sprays, not to overwater and to ensure mulch is used to help retain moisture. 



1. Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes in autumn means less of a chance of nasty fungal spots. They're fairly tough and don't need a lot of attention. Staking them can help the fruit weight. Short and tall growing varieties.

LOCALLY FRESH: : Learmonth Foodworks has a great supply of fresh, local produce. Photo: Max Fleet / NewsMail
Tomatoes are an easy one to grow. Max Fleet

2. Lettuce

There are so many varieties to choose from. Lettuce is super easy to grow and grows quickly. Ice burg or leaf lettuce is a popular choice. When it comes to lettuce you can grow several at once but they don't have to all be picked in one hit.

There are so many lettuce varieties.

3. Snow peas

They generally only need a small space and can be planted along the back of the garden bed. This is a good one for the kids to help out with. They can help plant, pick and eat. Snow peas don't have too many problems. They're quite easy to grow.

Snow Peas
Snow peas are a great one to grow with the kids.

4. Strawberries 

This is another great one for the kids to help grow. They quite easy to grow and don't need a lot of water. In the cooler months you can often get a couple of crops out of one strawberry plant. They can also be grown from a pot.

Strawberries are a great fruit to grow in the cooler months.

5. Potatoes

Now is the best time start growing your potatoes so they're ready to pick in winter. The harvest time for potatoes is usually 16-18 weeks. 

CHANGES: New technology will help detect defects in potatoes which will help when produce goes to market.
Get your potatoes started now. Lou Obrien