Champion the best burgers in your community.
Champion the best burgers in your community.

Best of Rocky and Capricorn: Nominate the Best Burger now

WHO flips the best patties in Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast?

I fear the battle of the best burger could bring on almost as much controversy as that time I dared to mention pineapple in the same sentence as pizza.

But I like a good debate, and I know most food lovers are the same. So here goes...

Whether you like a grilled patty in a nice soft bun with maybe a little dollop of sauce, or a double patty monster with cheese, onion, lettuce, egg and, dare I say it, beetroot - well, we are Australian! - or even a veggie portobello mushroom, I'm looking for your favourite.

As we settle in with our burgers and side of crispy fries enjoying our guilty pleasure meal on the couch, the hardworking burger shop employees continue serving up dinners all evening most days of the week, including weekends.

Consistency is key, along with ingredient quality, value for money, taste and level of sauciness.

It's time to say thanks and support your local burger joint with a nomination to Delicious Local's 2021 search for the best burger restaurant.


Nominate your favourite place on this Facebook post and they will be in the running to be crowned Best Burger in Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast.

Nominations close at 8am on Thursday, May 20, and your local shortlist of best burger restaurants will soon be ready for you to explore. Then, don't forget to check back in on Thursday, May 20 when the finalists will be listed in an online poll for subscribers to vote for the winner.

Give your nomination a chance to take out the title of Best Burger in your region!

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Originally published as Best of Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast: Nominate the Best Burger now