Jason Earl Fishing on Fairbairn Dam located 25 kilometres southwest of Emerald Pic Lynn Bartley
Jason Earl Fishing on Fairbairn Dam located 25 kilometres southwest of Emerald Pic Lynn Bartley

Big dry set to continue for region?

WITH this year's dry conditions, dam and weir levels across the region have been steadily decreasing, with one sitting at less than one per cent capacity.

In Rockhampton, the Barrage is currently at about 92 per cent capacity, with 55,151 mega litres.

In Mount Morgan, the No. 7 Dam is sitting at 37 per cent capacity (1,025ML) and level two water restrictions have been introduced.

The Central Highlands, Fairbairn Dam is at 16 per cent (212,084ML), and Bedford Weir at 95.63 per cent capacity (17,188ML).

Theodore's weir, southeast of Blackwater, is also above 90 per cent capacity.

In Moura the weir is at 58 per cent capacity (4,481ML) and the Offstream Storage is currently at 11 per cent capacity (415ML).

Still in the Banana Shire, the Kroombit Dam near Biloela, one of the smaller dams in the region, is at 0.46 per cent capacity, with 67 mega litres.

The Callide Dam is at 41.67 per cent (56,825ML).

Weather forecasts for the next week aren't promising much rain for Central Queensland, with meteorologists predicting a slim chance for one to two millimetres towards the end of next week.

Lachlan Stoney of the Bureau of Meteorology said heading into the weekend and early next week there were only small chances of showers for parts of the region.

"The next period of interest for us is late in the week around Thursday and Friday," he said.

"It's still quite uncertain but it looks like there is a weather system coming from the west.

"We don't know where the rainfall will be, but possibly around the Carnarvon Ranges, Injune and towards Rolleston and Springsure.

"There's about 30 per cent change of one to two millimetres of rain."


Eden Barr Weir: Currently at … per cent capacity (26,260 ML)

Glebe Weir: Currently at 9.27 per cent capacity (1,641 ML)

Gyranda Weir: Currently at 26.77 per cent capacity (4,417 ML)

Neville Hewitt Weir: Currently at 69.04 per cent capacity (7,350 ML)

Bingegang Weir: Currently at 60.17 per cent capacity (4,850 ML)

Tartrus Weir: Currently at 96.97 per cent capacity (11,636 ML)