IT'S regarded as one of the best stud selling facilities in the country and this week, CQLX at Gracemere held the largest single-breed bull sale in Australia, and possibly the world, according to Elders livestock agent Robert Murray.

885 bulls were catalogued over the three-day event.

So far the top price was $70,000 for a grey bull bred by Ron Pelling from Willtony Brahmans in Theodore.


The bull will make his new home at Kenilworth Brahmans in Mt Coolan in North Queensland.

Max Johnson and family from Jomanda Brahmans at Grafton in NSW were paid the top price for a red bull so far at $36,000.

The bull now heads to Emerald to Peter and Joy Newman at Newies Brahmans.

Mr Murray said the sale this year had been very solid, especially considering 80% of the state was in drought.

The 98% clearance was better than last year and the average price, at $7042 for grey bulls and $7175 for reds, was also slightly above last year.

Until yesterday afternoon, almost $4million had changed hands with 250 red bulls still to be sold today.

So what makes a good bull?

"A good top line - you want to be able to roll your swag out and go to sleep - deep in the flank and a good temperament," Mr Murray said.

"You wouldn't like your girlfriend to have a bum like a brahman bull. You want it pretty wide."

While the top bulls were destined to go into a good herd of cows to breed more stud bulls, others will go into commercial operations to breed steers and replacement heifers.

The sale concludes today.