Bill gives agricultural training corporation new name

REGIONAL agriculture education and training colleges across Queensland will be given a new lease of life under a new name change and the introduction of overarching management board.

Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Minister John McVeigh, who introduced the Agricultural College Amendment Bill into State Parliament today said the bill forms part of an election commitment to deliver high quality agricultural training in Queensland.

Mr McVeigh said a review last year of the Australian Agricultural College Corporation recommended a more effective management structure to address financial and administration problems.

"The passing of this legislation will make significant amendments to the corporate structure of the Australian Agricultural College Corporation," he said.

"The corporation will be changed a statutory body which will enable more effective management and decision-making to ensure the long term viability of the organisation and to meet requirements for training skills for local industry.

"To reflect the new structure the name will be changed to Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges.

"Overseeing the new colleges will be an overarching governing board with direct responsibility for developing and implementing strategic and operational plans for the entire organisation."

Mr McVeigh said skilling the future generations of rural and regional Queenslanders is an essential component of the State Government's commitment to agriculture.