Land clearing and surveying is underway at Adani's Carmichael Mine site after last week's green light came through for the mega mine.
Land clearing and surveying is underway at Adani's Carmichael Mine site after last week's green light came through for the mega mine. Contributed

ADANI BLOCKADE: Woman arrested, charged over protest

UPDATE: POLICE arrested and charged a woman after anti-Adani protesters caused havoc at a construction site connected with the controversial mine this morning. 

The 33-year-old woman was one of about 20 protestors who blockaded rail construction site about 180km from the rural town of Clermont.   

A spokesperson for the Queensland Police Service said it was advised of the protest, where one woman had allegedly chained herself to drilling equipment, at Gregory Development Road at Belyando about 6.30am. 

The 33-year-old woman was transported to Clermont and charged with contravene a direction, the spokesperson said. 

She was released on bail and will appear in the Clermont Magistrates Court on September 17. 

"The QPS acknowledges the right to lawful and peaceful protest and is committed to working with groups to facilitate protest through lawful activities. However unlawful activity posing a risk to the safety of individuals or the disruption of services or operations lawfully undertaken by business will not be tolerated by the QPS," the spokesperson said. 


EARLIER: ANTI-Adani protesters are again blockading in Central Queensland, about 180 km from Clermont.

The protest comes after two activists from southern Queensland and New South Wales were charged for allegedly suspending themselves from poles for more than nine hours at the mine site earlier this month. 

A statement from Adani said about 20 protesters arrived at its rail construction site this morning and were "illegally attempting to stop workers from safely conducting approved construction works on the rail line".

Despite the blockade, a spokeswoman for the company confirmed construction had not stopped.

"Everyone has the right to their opinions however there are legal and safe methods of expressing them," a company statement said.

A post on the Frontline Action on Coal Facebook claimed a Stanthorpe woman attached herself to a drill rig by the Gregory Highway about 6.30am.

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"Adani is currently clearing trees for the construction of its Carmichael mine, which would produce 4.7 billion tonnes of greenhouse emissions over its lifetime. The mine has been the subject of mass protests for five years, and this is the fourth civil disobedience action against it in the last week and a half," the post said.

Queensland Police Service have been notified and are responding.