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Bloom’s ‘insane’ daily routine mocked

Actor Orlando Bloom is the target of much social media mockery after revealing his daily routine in a new interview - a heady mix of Buddhist chanting, goji berries and time spent thinking of ways to help "minorities and women".

The actor - father to seven-month-old daughter Daisy with partner Katy Perry - gave an interview to the UK's The Times ]paper, presented in first-person style as an average day in his life in the $17m Montecito, California mansion the couple bought last year.

Bloom, 44, reveals he wakes at 6.30am each day and immediately checks the app that monitors his sleep quality. From there, he ingests a concoction of green powders that he mixes with "brain octane oil, a collagen powder from my hair and nails, and some protein".

After that mix, Bloom takes off on a hike while listening "to Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots," before returning to his six-bedroom, twelve-bathroom mansion for his proper breakfast: porridge with "hazelnut milk, goji berries, vanilla paste", among other things. Describing himself as "90 per cent plant-based," Bloom says: "I sometimes look at a cow and think, that's the most beautiful thing ever."



As for lunch, he says he cooks occasionally but otherwise "there's a team of people" to handle all that.

Work-wise, Bloom explains he has a production deal with Amazon and has been spending his days looking for "roles for myself and others - for minorities and women. I'm trying to be a voice for everybody."

A practising Buddhist since he was 16, Bloom also spends some of his day chanting and reading "a bit of Buddhism and then I'll type it up and add it to my (Instagram) Stories:" Despite this, he says he resists using his phone: "I don't want to be sucked into the black hole of social media," Bloom explains.

He also makes time in his day to build Lego - "I dip in and out while I work" - and does an hour of heavy weights to "exhaust" himself.

It's all, as Bloom himself admits, "quite LA, really".

Unsurprisingly, the response has been merciless - probably a good thing Bloom avoids social media:

Let's file this one somewhere alongside Pete Evans' infamous 'Day on a Plate' column (two glasses of alkalinised water and a handful of activated almonds, anyone?) and the time Mark Wahlberg revealed the secret to his super-fit physique was 3.40am workouts and daily cryotherapy sessions.


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