Boat refugee accused of home invasion granted bail

ONE of three men accused of a terrifying home invasion has been granted bail after serving six months in custody.

Vijitharan Viyakaraththinam is accused with Jeptin Arulnesan and Sasikaruna Balachandran of an alleged home invasion in Beak St, Koongal on December 2, 2017 about 10.20pm.

The court was told Mr Viyakaraththinam possessed poor English speaking abilities.

The three men were taken into custody later that night and each charged with two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm while armed or in the company of others, one of common assault, and one of entering a dwelling with intent to commit an indictable offence.

Viyakaraththinam's lawyer Scheryn Aspinall-Clarke said her client would be contesting the charges in the District Court.

She said one of the delays in a bail application was that Viyakaraththinam spoke very little English and required an interpreter to fly from Brisbane and attend the jail for assistance in gaining legal instructions.

Ms Aspinall-Clarke said one of the other delays was finding a bail address that was not with one of his co-accused.

However he was not seen as a flight risk due to having no paperwork.

"He arrived in Australia by boat. He is a refugee," she said.

"He is here on a protection visa."

A visa specialist told the court Viyakaraththinam's protection visa was temporary, not permanent, and that he had no passport.

"He can not board an aircraft," the woman for the Department of Immigration said.

A police prosecutor said Viyakaraththinam would likely receive an 18-month prison term if found guilty in the District Court.

Due to his lack of criminal history, he would likely only be required to serve one-third of that sentence.