Boilermaker caught drug-driving after using pot to sleep

A BOILERMAKER was caught drug-driving after consuming marijuana to help him sleep.

Bruce Wayne Hollingsworth, 57, pleaded guilty at Emerald Magistrates Court on October 6 to driving while a relevant drug was in his saliva.

On July 17 about 9am, police intercepted a vehicle driving on Munro Rd, Emerald.

Hollingsworth was issued a drug saliva test which returned a positive result, with tests confirming the presence of marijuana.

Hollingsworth, who represented himself, said he had not consumed the drug that day, but it was from the night before when he used it for sleeping assistance.

"I've had many injuries over the years," he said, telling the court he has also been seeing doctors about treatment for medical issues.

Magistrate Robert Walker told Hollingsworth he should not be using drugs at all, not even for sleeping assistance.

Hollingsworth was fined $500 and disqualified from driving for one month. The conviction was recorded.