Flood water Depot Hill.
Flood water Depot Hill. Allan Reinikka ROK070417aflood26

BOM: Rocky's major flood could stay for days

HYDROLOGISTS at the Bureau of Meteorology are warning Rockhampton's major flood is staying for days.  

BoM's latest warning states that the flood level is expected to hold steady at 8.8m for the rest of Friday before it slightly recedes where it will stay about the major flood level of 8.5m for most of Saturday.

BoM forecaster Michael Paech said the epic size of the Fitzroy catchment means it has an unusually long flood peak.

"It comes down to that catchment," Mr Paech said.

"It's such a huge catchment, the size of Texas. That's a huge catchment and there's still a lot of water making its way down stream.

"It won't be really quick. We've still got a long way to go before it recedes. We may start to see it recede tomorrow or beyond."

Latest River Heights for Fitzroy R at Rockhampton.
Latest River Heights for Fitzroy R at Rockhampton.

BoM's warning shows flood waters well up stream at The Gap and Laurel Bank along the Fitzroy have begun receding.

Yaamba, currently at 15.75m, is expected to fall below the major flood level of 15m tomorrow, days after reaching a 16.1m peak on Thursday at midnight.