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Court, Justice, Law, Courthouse, Brisbane Supreme Court, Queensland Court of Appeal, Brisbane District Court (File)

Boxer’s fracture after assaulting partner

A MAN who called out "lies, all lies" over facts surrounding the serious assault of his partner had his "adverse behaviour" from the dock brushed off as "coming down from drugs".

Clayton John Bailey, 35, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court today to one count of assault occasioning bodily harm and one of contravening a police protection order.

Police prosecutor Madison Kurtz said Bailey was arguing with his partner at a Mount Morgan residence about 10am on Sunday over damage to a vehicle belonging to the victim's mother.

"During the argument, the victim turned her back on the defendant and felt two blows to the back of the head," Ms Kurtz said.

Bailey called out from the dock "lies".

Ms Kurtz continued, saying Bailey then grabbed the victim, to which Bailey called out from the dock "more lies".

The court adjourned briefly for Bailey's defence lawyer Doug Winning speak with his client about correct court procedures.

When court resumed, Magistrate Cameron Press pointed out to Mr Winning that Bailey was observed making threatening actions towards a woman in the back of the courtroom.

Mr Winning said the woman was Bailey's mother.

Ms Kurtz said after punching the victim in the head, Bailey dragged her to the bedroom by her hair, put her on the bed, grabbed her by the neck and she struggled to free herself from him.

"She was in fear for her life," she said.

Ms Kurtz said the victim hit Bailey in the face and he punched her head, chest and forearm, causing her extreme pain and she yelled for him to stop.

"He threw her to the floor and threatened to kill her," she said.

Ms Kurtz said the victim suffered a fractured arm, asked to call an ambulance and an ice pack from the freezer.

She said as Bailey walked out to do this, the victim walked out the front door and to her mother's vehicle with Bailey following.

Ms Kurtz said the victim collapsed and Bailey tried to get her in the vehicle to get her to the hospital, however she refused and told him to leave her alone.

She said Bailey became angry, swore at her and made threats.

A neighbour called police and as police approached, Bailey jumped over a fence, fled and called his mother who picked him up and took him to Rockhampton.

Police located Bailey on Monday, arrested him for assault and he was not fit for an interview due to his intoxication level.

Bailey was treated by Queensland Ambulance Service while he was in the watch house for injuries to his hand which was described as being like "a boxer's fracture".

Ms Kurtz said Bailey's nine-page criminal history included 24 breaches of domestic violence orders, assaults and dangerous conduct of a weapon.

Mr Winning said Bailey's life turned around in 2007 after a motor vehicle accident broke his neck and caused serious injuries to vertebrae.

He said Bailey had been on a disability pension since and that's when his criminal history became littered with drug and violence offences.

Mr Winning said Bailey was using drugs recreationally prior to 2007 and was now at a "diabolical level".

He said Bailey's "adverse behaviour" from the docks suggested he was "coming down from drugs".

The court heard the victim underwent surgery for the fractured arm.

Mr Press ordered Bailey to a 21-month prison term with parole release on April 10, 2020.