A boys weekend at Airlie Beach for a trio of Rocky blokes could have been something from a movie script.
A boys weekend at Airlie Beach for a trio of Rocky blokes could have been something from a movie script.

Boys weekend away at Airlie like something from The Hangover

A DISQUALIFIED Rockhampton driver’s boys weekend away at Airlie Beach could probably cut it as a movie script for a sequel of The Hangover.

The problem for Mark Kevin Maber-Mckee was the madness was reality and it landed him in court this week.

The 29-year-old was disqualified from driving by a court order but that didn’t stop him setting off for Airlie with two mates in the car as passengers on November 14.

They only made it as far as Marlborough when they crossed paths with police on the highway.

Licence checks revealed Maber-Mckee should not have been driving and it should have been curtains for the boys weekend away when police suspended the number plates for seven days.

But the lads continued on.

Four days later when it was time to return home, Mckee’s two mates were too intoxicated to drive so he again got behind the wheel.

They may have made it home undetected if not for Mckee being clocked by police at Kunawarra doing 128km/h in a 100km/h zone.

Subsequent licence checks landed him in further strife.

Maber-Mckee pleaded guilty to his offending in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Tuesday where he represented himself.

When Acting Magistrate Maryanne May asked him whether he had a job, Maber-Mckee revealed he was unemployed and it was not the first time he had fallen foul of the law for traffic matters.

“I did have a job - I was a truck driver, I used to drive road trains,” Maber-Mckee said.

“But when I got originally done in, I think it was August/September, I was actually sleeping in my car while I was over the alcohol limit and they accused me of drink-driving when I wasn’t.

“And they suspended my licence for three months.

“I needed my licence for my job.”

For his latest indiscretions, Maber-Mckee paid a hefty price given his history, which also included “a lot of speeding offences”.

He was fined $1950 and disqualified from driving for four years.