Three-year-old Graeson Washington with mum Tamika. Graeson sounded the alarm after his mum suffered a medical episode recently.
Three-year-old Graeson Washington with mum Tamika. Graeson sounded the alarm after his mum suffered a medical episode recently.

Brave toddler sounds alarm after mum falls unconscious

DEALING with his mum's medical condition has been a steep learning curve for Graeson Washington.

The Ipswich three-year-old has shown he is more than up to the responsibility of looking out for mum, however, following a recent incident in which he was forced to alert neighbours and police to a medical emergency.

Back in June, Graeson was home with mum Tamika when she suddenly passed out as a result of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).

Unable to wake his mum or reach her partner on the phone, brave little Graeson was calm in the storm, walking next door where he was able to tell a neighbour and some police who just happened to be there at the time.

A relatively common syndrome, POTS affects Ms Washington so severely that she must where a warning buzzer all the time to alert family of an attack.

"It causes me to pass out frequently," Ms Washington said.

"Graeson has learned over time what he needs to do if it happens.

"I had this incident where he couldn't wake me up. In that situation he has been taught to go to the neighbours."

Police from the Ipswich property branch were conducting inquiries in the vicinity at the time and heard the sound of glass breaking at Ms Washington's house.

A short time later, three and a half year old Graeson, confidently approached a neighbour and police to advise that mummy had fallen over.

Police and the neighbour went inside to find Ms Washington lying on the floor unresponsive, with a cut to her hand from a broken glass she was holding at the time.

They immediately provided first aid and called for an ambulance to attend.

Ms Washington said police were impressed with Graeson's composure under pressure.

"He was a bit frightened by the broken glass but he just put his little sister in her room and called my partner," she said.

"He couldn't get him so he went looking for help."

Ipswich Crime Prevention Unit Sergeant Nadine Webster said police presented Graeson with a Constable T Bear for his efforts. Police also gave Ms Washington some flowers to wish her all the best.

"While this story had a happy ending due to the actions of Graeson, it is a timely reminder for all of us to have conversations with our children about what to do in an emergency, who to call, how to call triple-0 (000) and using triple-0 when it is an emergency," Sgt Webster said.

"It is also timely to remind those who have an opportunity to complete a first aid or CPR course to do so and ensure your qualifications are kept up to date as you just don't know when you may need those skills."