Police intercepted the drug duo's phone chatter.
Police intercepted the drug duo's phone chatter. File

'Brawn and brains' both behind bars

HE was the "brawn” and his girlfriend was the brains.

But Clayton Cecil Schuurs, 39, and his former girlfriend are both in jail now after their drug racket unravelled.

A court on Wednesday heard the meth operation was busted after police carried out raids on the Sunshine Coast.

Prosecutors said intercepted phone communications showed Schuurs and his partner also drove to Mackay to sell drugs.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard Schuur's duties included "pursuing debts and arranging sales”.

"Some might say he was the brawn and she was the brains,” Justice David Boddice said.

Schuurs and the woman's relationship broke down in August 2016.

The court also heard Schuurs had been convicted of manslaughter in 1999 and jailed for 10 years after a man was shot over a $1500 drug debt and died.

The prosecutor said Schuurs supplied a gun and ammunition and "told the shooter to shoot” the man who ended up dying.

On Wednesday, defence counsel John Fraser said Schuurs made early guilty pleas to the latest charges, which included drug trafficking and supply.

The court heard Schuurs had also taken steps towards rehabilitation.

"Much will depend on your ability to stay away from drugs in future,” Justice Boddice added.

Schuurs was jailed for six years and is eligible for parole on June 23, 2020.

The former girlfriend was sentenced to six and a half years' jail last month. -NewsRegional