Generic set up. House break in, thief, stealing. Picture: Brendan Francis
Generic set up. House break in, thief, stealing. Picture: Brendan Francis

‘Brazen’ thief returns to victim’s home to give back haul

A THIEF'S guilty conscious got the better of him when the Gladstone man decided to return to the victim's home and give back the items he stole.

Kaden James Michell, 40 might be Gladstone most cooperative criminal, after a court was told details of his "extremely brazen" offending but also the "great insight" he showed after.

Michell pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Friday to several charges including three counts of enter dwelling and commit an indictable offence, stealing, fail to dispose needle and drug driving.

The drug drive offence occurred on October 26. Michell was pulled over for a roadside drug test in which he returned a positive reading for meth.

The first theft occurred on November 17 when Michell stole more than $480 worth of meat from a local grocery store.

The court was told he intended to trade it for money to fund his drug habits.

His next offence on November 19 involved him breaking into a house about 9.15pm while the victim was at home in the shower.

Michell had busted a screen door and lock to get inside and stole a wallet with $105 cash and cards.

The next day he broke into another home while the victims were sleeping and stole a recording device,

That same night he broke into another home and stole cash and smokes.

The court was told the next day Michell returned to one of the victim's homes and returned a recording device.

And when he was arrested, Michell drew police a map and gave the location of where officers could find the other stolen goods.

Michell, already in custody because he was on parole at the time of this offending, was sentenced to 18 months jail to serve four months before he will be eligible to apply for parole on May 16.

He was disqualified from driving for one month and a conviction was recorded.