Brazen thieves steal car while owners sleep

WHEN 82-year-old great grandfather Brian Hayward goes to sleep tonight the thought of people lurking in the dark will fill his mind after his car was stolen.

Mr Hayward and his wife Vielda were visiting their granddaughter’s Blackwater home when the car was stolen from the front of the house while they slept.

They went to bed at about 9.30pm on Monday night and by the time they woke up the car was gone.

The incident has left the retirees feeling helpless — they drove from Southbrook Toowoomba and have no way of getting back.

“Makes you feel terrible — like you’ve lost your right arm,” Mr Hayward said.

The car is a grey 2011 Toyota Aurion, registration 680 SQE — Mr Hayward wanted it returned.

“We rely on car where we live because it’s out in the country,” he said.

“We will have to hire a car for a month through insurance and then wait and see.”

His granddaughter Sheree Hayward was disgusted by the criminal act but not surprised.

She said Blackwater was overrun by crim.

“It’s pretty scary. Crime is getting worse,” Ms Hayward said.

The day before the car was stolen two youths attempted to steal a baby capsule and formula from the front of her house, according to Ms Hayward.

“Everyone is getting sick of it. It almost feels like you have to take it into her own hands,” she said.

“Before we moved our neighbours constantly abused us, were high on ice, drunk and you’d call the police and they’d get told to go back inside.”

Ms Hayward said the car theft seemed almost professional with no sound or evidence left behind.

“These people would have to know what they were doing. The car was locked and the alarm wasn’t set off,” Ms Hayward said. The incident has been reported to police.