QPS forensic crash unit. Police generic.
QPS forensic crash unit. Police generic.

UPDATE: Teens flee after reports of Rocky knife disturbance

UPDATE, 7.00pm:

A number of juveniles who have caused a disturbance outside of Stockland Rockhampton are on the loose.

A Queensland Police spokesman said they are looking through CCTV footage to try and identify the suspects.

The suspects were involved in the incident on Yaamba Road at around 3.55pm on April 15.

"Suspects have then left through the bush," the police spokesman said.


UPDATE, 5.15pm:

A number of juveniles have left a shopping centre just after police arrived in relation to a disturbance.

A Queensland Police spokesman said they originally refused to leave, but have now gone across the road.

He said one male is in possession of a knife but it's not believed he was threatening anyone with it.

Investigations are continuing.



Police are responding to reports of a disturbance at a Central Queensland shopping centre.

It is understood witnesses reported juveniles were armed with weapons and fighting in the street outside Stockland Rockhampton on Yaamba Road.

A Queensland Police spokeswoman said police went the disturbance was at 3.55pm and a couple of crews were on scene talking to security and the kids.

More to come.