Breaking: Rockhampton Zoo welcomes baby chimpanzee

ZOOKEEPERS were thrilled to welcome a baby chimpanzee into the world at Rockhampton Zoo this morning.

Rockhampton Regional Councillor and parks chair, Cherie Rutherford was also excited to share the news.

“Holly, 31, gave birth to a baby chimp just a few hours ago,” she said before 10.30am.

“We can see that the baby is breathing and moving, and snuggling up to its mum.”

The father of the baby is Alon, who’s also a father to the adorable Capri.

“Our keepers haven’t been able to get any closer yet so we don’t know the sex but we know just how much the community cares for our animals so we wanted to let you know as soon as possible,” she said.

“After the tragic stillbirth of Samantha’s baby, it’s greatly encouraging to see all the right things happening but it is of course early days.

“The enclosure will be fenced off to allow the troop to bond with the new arrival so you won’t be able to see them for a little while, but we will share updates as and when we have them.

“In the meantime, my thanks go to our wonderful zookeepers and our amazing community who I know are all incredibly excited about this new addition to the family.”

You can visit Rockhampton Zoo on Ann St in the city’s west. Phone (07) 4932 9000.