Woman, boy airlifted off island

FRASER ISLAND: Paramedic tells of shocking dingo attack

UPDATE, 6PM: Paramedic Andrew Eason had to put thoughts of his own sons to one side as he went to the aid of a boy who was seriously injured when he was attacked by a pack of dingoes on Thursday night.

Mr Eason said police were already on the scene when he arrived, and the 10-year-old boy was wrapped in a blanket.

He said the boy suffered numerous injuries in the attack, including bites to his left arm, serious lacerations to his legs and a wound on his right cheek.

The boys mum, aged in her 20s, was also injured during the attack.

Mr Eason, who has been a paramedic on Fraser Island for five years, said the woman had puncture wounds to her forearms and superficial injuries to her legs.

He said his main concerns was getting the wounds cleaned and dressed ahead of help arriving in the form of the rescue helicopter.

He said he had assessed the boy's wounds as being severe but not life-threatening.

The mum and boy, who were French tourists, were in some distress after the incident.

"The child was in shock," he said.

"The mum was being very strong for her son, even though she had injuries."

While he has boys of his own, Mr Eason said he had to put his emotional reaction to the child's injuries to one side and concentrate on doing his job.

UPDATE, 11.30AM: A former Fraser Island first responder says a boy who was seriously injured after a pack of dingoes attacked him was lucky not to be killed.

Island resident and former paramedic David Anderson said one of the dingoes in the Thursday attack was also involved in an attack on a six-year-old boy last month and a third serious incident before that.

"This could have been a tragedy," he said.

He said the dingo should have been humanely destroyed after the last attack.

"The dingo is tagged, it's easily identified," he said.

"This should not have happened."

Rangers from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service are investigating the circumstances of the incident.

A spokeswoman said patrols had been increased in the wake of the attack.

"Future actions will be considered after assessing the information gathered," she said.

"Rangers will also increase patrols at campgrounds and other island arrival points to warn visitors of the dangers associated with dingoes."

A spokeswoman from the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, where the boy and his mother were taken after the attack, said both were in a stable condition.

UPDATE, 9AM: A 10-year-old boy and his mum, aged in her 20s, are recovering in hospital after being attacked by a pack of dingoes on Fraser Island on Thursday night.

The Bundaberg RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter was tasked to scene shortly after 6pm yesterday. 

The aeromedical crew worked alongside paramedics from the Queensland Ambulance Service to stabilise the pair before flying them to hospital.

Michael Augustus from the Queensland Ambulance service said paramedics were called to the scene about 6pm after the boy and woman, believed to be French tourists, were attacked.

"On arrival our paramedics found the adult female had multiple superficial bites, predominantly to the lower limbs and the 10-year-old male child had significant wounds to his legs, arms and face," he said.

"It was reported to our officers that the mother and child had just exited a vehicle and commenced to walk down the beach when they came across this pack of dingoes.

"Now the couple both panicked and ran back towards the vehicle and it was at that time when the pack actually chased them and attacked.

"Both people were stabilised at the scene, their wounds were dressed and then they were transferred by rescue helicopter to the Sunshine Coast uni hospital."

UPDATE: A 10-year-old boy and a woman in her 20s have been airlifted off Fraser Island after being attacked by a dingo last night.

The young boy had bites to his face, arms and legs while the woman suffered superficial bites to her legs.

Both were transported in a stable condition to Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

A nine-year-old boy and a woman in her 20s are recovering at Sunshine Coast University Hospital after they were attacked by a dingo on Fraser Island last night.
A nine-year-old boy and a woman in her 20s are recovering at Sunshine Coast University Hospital after they were attacked by a dingo on Fraser Island last night.

UPDATE, 7.15PM: A CHILD has suffered serious leg injuries after a dingo attack at Eurong on Fraser Island.

A spokesman from the Queensland Ambulance Service said the boy and a woman aged in her 20s had been attacked about 5.45pm on Thursday. 

The boy suffered serious lacerations to his legs.

The woman also suffered leg injuries. 

Paramedics attended the scene to treat the victims and a rescue helicopter was tasked to transport the patients.

The spokesman said both patients remained in a stable condition.

EARLIER, 6.30PM: Two people have been attacked by a dingo at Eurong.

According to the Queensland Ambulance Service, the people sustained arm and leg injuries in the attack.

A rescue helicopter was tasked to the scene about 6.20pm on Thursday. 

Paramedics attended the scene to assess the patients, who were both in a stable condition.