Natasha Dunne from Stylish Events and Hire
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Brides-to-be left in the lurch after resort closure

NEWS that key parts of the Capricorn Resort at Yeppoon will shut down mid next month has left wedding planner Natasha Dunne with dozens of upset brides on her hands.

The Stylish Events and Hire Manager who has a preferred supplier contract with the resort is involved with "every single wedding" at the resort and now has to work quickly to re-home the events.

Natasha has been fielding calls from distressed brides since the announcement on Wednesday afternoon.

She didn't have much time to prepare herself for the influx of calls as she only found out about the closure via phone on Wednesday afternoon, around the same time the public became aware.

With weddings booked throughout August and more than 20 booked for the rest of the year at the resort, Natasha has found herself in the middle of wedding season mess.

"Of course the brides are upset because it's not a great time period they've (the resort) given, it's not like they've said in six months' time we will close down so the brides who have already sent their invitations out have to do the whole process again."

"We've got a wedding that was meant to be there the weekend after it closes and of course now through to September is peak wedding season.

"We have another three or four weddings to do there before it shuts...the functions manager down there is doing everything she can to help them find somewhere new, as are we."

The wedding planner said the resort was a "bit of a destination location" with a lot of brides from other areas coming specifically to have their wedding at the Yeppoon hotspot.

"Obviously not only for us but for the whole industry we would like them to stay within the area for them to have their wedding here."

The news Capricorn Resort Yeppoon will close on August 21 comes after two of the resorts accommodation wings were closed last year.

Capricorn Resort released a letter addressing the announcement on Wednesday night which read:

"Given the current operation and all resort facilities needing a fundamental change and major refurbishment, Iwasaki Sangyo Group have made a difficult decision to take further action and will cease operations of certain business units as of August 21, 2016".

The areas being affected by this decision are the Royal Palms accommodation, Billabong and Lagoon Restaurants including bars and TOC, activities and all banquet, conference and wedding activities.

Golf operation and Tsuruya restaurant will continue operation as normal.

The closures also mean the Capricorn Resort will suffer another round of staff redundancies.