Morning Bulletin editor Frazer Pearce
Morning Bulletin editor Frazer Pearce

Bridging the gap shouldn’t be so petty, writes Bully editor

SHOULD Terry Hill have been invited to the opening of the Yeppen north Bruce Hwy project?

Of course he should.

The former Main Roads boss for Central Queensland should have been one of the first on the list.

He was one of the people behind the scenes who fought for it.

And after all the years of planning, designing and engineering, he finally got to see it built.

But he didn't get to see it finished, as he was sacked shortly after the Gracemere overpass ribbon-cutting controversy in June.

Yesterday, Transport and Main Roads Minister, Scott Emerson said while Mr Hill hadn't been invited to the Yeppen north opening, the "appropriate people" had been.

On that issue, should Kirsten Livermore have been invited?

Of course she should have.

The former Member for Capricornia was instrumental in getting the project planned, approved and funded.

She was also a big player in the $300m Yeppen south project. That was something like a five-year mission for her and Mr Hill.

So tell me why weren't Mr Hill and Ms Livermore among the "appropriate people''?

They did the hard yards.

The answer is, "That's politics''.

But why does it have to be this way?

It really is pathetic when politicians can't get over their petty issues.

Both major parties are guilty of allowing a culture of prejudice to blur rational decision-making on a matter as basic and harmless as an invitation to a bridge opening.