Georgia Ann Burnett has a 10-page criminal record.
Georgia Ann Burnett has a 10-page criminal record.

Broncos jersey among 12 items stolen from sport store

A WOMAN who stole 12 clothing items from a sports store with a co-offender has walked out of court without any further punishment.

Georgia Ann Burnett, 27, pleaded guilty on September 15 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of stealing.


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Police prosecutor Madison Kurtz said Burnett and her co-accused entered the Amart Allsports store on Musgrave St at 4.01pm on June 15, 2019.

She said Burnett took 12 items from racks, entered the change room with a bag and left the store with the bag, setting off an alarm.

Ms Kurtz said Burnett and her co-accused ran towards a car and took off.

She said the 12 items included a Broncos jersey worth $95 and Nike shorts worth $21.

Ms Kurtz said when police caught up with Burnett, she told them she was on drugs a the time and had no recollection of the offence.

Burnett had a 10-page criminal record.

Defence lawyer Rowan King said Burnett had received a lengthy prison term not long after this offence for a stack of other crimes.

“This caught up with her after serving that time,” he said.

Burnett was sentenced in August 2019 for 30 charges including fraud, stealing, drug driving, attempted fraud, evade fare, failing to appear in court, possess dangerous drugs and receive tainted property.

She was subject to 17 suspended sentences at the time of some of the offences.

Burnett was disqualified from driving for three months for the drug driving offence, issued a head prison term of 12 months, ordered to pay $343.54 restitution, activated the suspended sentences, declared 19 days presentence custody, took into account 45 days spent in custody (some time spent on old sentences for which she had been taken back into custody after breaching parole) and set immediate parole eligibility.

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Mr King said she had been out on parole for nine months and had not reoffended.

Acting Magistrate Mark Morrow ordered Burnett to be convicted of the stealing and not further punished, explaining had she been sentenced for the stealing in August 2019 with the other offences, the stealing sentence would have come under the 12 month prison term.