Ben Cousins dined with
Ben Cousins dined with

Brothel owner’s Ben Cousins update

Ben Cousins appeared happy and healthy on a recent outing to an Asian restaurant in Perth with the brothel madam who he lived with last year.

Langtrees owner Mary-Anne Kenworthy posted several photographs of the ex-AFL star on social media with encouraging messages of his general wellbeing.

"Had a lovely meal at Pachi Pachi tonight with Ben Cousins," Kenworthy wrote. "He is looking great, a healthy appetite. We discussed social media and learning together to move forward positively and wisely."

"He is (on a healthy path) and I pray will stay on it," she added.

Kenworthy said Cousins "treats me as a friend and Aunty but he is a pleasure to be with when he is behaving" while describing him as a "gentleman" with "great manners".

She said Cousins agreed to her post to "help the new restaurant out as it is really nice" and indicated he had plans to join Twitter.

Cousins, 41, was recently photographed reconnecting with his family while having a kick of the footy in a park near his parents' home in Bicton.

Scheduled to face trial for allegedly stalking and threatening his former partner and the mother of his children Maylea Tinecheff in September, Cousins told the Daily Mail he was happy.

"I'm good, mate, really good," he said. "I'm just enjoying a nice day with my kids."

Ben Cousins dined with Mary-Anne Kenworthy in Perth.
Ben Cousins dined with Mary-Anne Kenworthy in Perth.

Cousins was reportedly invited to move into Perth's famous brothel Langtrees in May last year because Kenworthy wanted to help him.

"He was staying in my apartment for a while," Kenworth told the Sunday Telegraph, saying his behaviour had seesawed and sunk to a low point.

"He's been very erratic … When he's good, he's very good. When he's bad, he's not with the world of the living."

"I think he's never grown up. He's never been an adult," Kenworthy added, in the 2018 interview. "He had it all too easy and hasn't got the reality of life."

An anonymous escort revealed further details of Cousins' stay to the Sunday Times claiming the former Eagle and his associates allegedly made women at the brothel "uncomfortable".

She said Kenworthy arranged for escorts to work alternative hours to "babysit" Cousins in an attempt to ensure the Brownlow medallist was never left alone while inside the brothel.

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"She would call a number of us girls at outrageous hours and ask us to start shift early or finish late to be there for Ben and look after him as he was having a bad time," an email signed off with the signature "Girls of Langtrees" reportedly claims.

"She would get the drivers to drive him wherever he wanted to go and supply them alcohol. She even covered the wages of girls herself to send … escorts to meet with him, whether in her apartment or multiple places across the city.

"So many girls refused to be at the lounge or would avoid him on shift as he would make people uncomfortable."




The former Eagle had duck.
The former Eagle had duck.