Rugby League: Brothers' Hayden Buckman.
Rugby League: Brothers' Hayden Buckman. Allan Reinikka ROK250818aleague3

Brothers make it to grand finals after defeating Norths

RUGBY LEAGUE: Fans roared as Brothers' Liam Grant tore down the field towards the try-line, plunging over the paint to effectively eliminate any chances of Norths Chargers returning in Saturday's semi-final.

As the siren blew, navy and white jerseys jumped to their feet and clapped each other on the backs.

A 30-10 win over Norths had just secured Brothers a place against Yeppoon Seagulls in next week's grand final.

Brothers coach, Scott Munns, was beaming from his team's win, especially after having lost to Norths in their last match-up.

Rugby League: Norths' Thomas Whitehead.
Rugby League: Norths' Thomas Whitehead. Allan Reinikka ROK250818aleague1

"It was a good result, we knew we had it in us,” he said.

"It was a very physical game... Yeppoon will be sitting back licking their lips.”

Brothers delivered a number of heavy blows against their opposition, giving an aggressive performance.

"We were really aggressive today and it was good... our forwards took it upon themselves to say 'it's up to us to let our backs do the points and we'll get into them here',” Munns said.

"They were strong. Everyone today was good.

"I thought at half time, the score didn't indicate how dominant we were.”

After lacking in completion rates in previous games against Norths, Munns was impressed with Sunday's result of 15 out of 18 in the first half and 14 out of 17 completions in the second.

Rugby League: Brothers' Ryan Burke.
Rugby League: Brothers' Ryan Burke. Allan Reinikka ROK250818aleague2

"I said 'if we can keep completing and doing the little things, we'll get the job done' and we come out and did that.

"We completed, got into them, turned the screws a little bit and just really attacked while defending as well.”

This year is one for the Brothers' books, with A-grade, reserves, U20s and women's all making the finals.

"We spoke about the possibility of coming into finals but we didn't want to get too excited because anything can happen,” Munns said.

"All the coaches work together, it's a good committee, everyone turns up... it's a good, close club.”

Winger Matty Baker was "outstanding”, charging the ball back 40 metres and scoring a try after Norths put a kick through which could've resulted in a drop out.

"Our forwards, we put the challenge to them and they stood up and did what was needed,” Munns said.

"(Liam Grant's try) was fantastic, but he landed on his hamstring.

"He'll do some physio and monitor it and go from there.”

Rugby League: Norths' Nickolas Sweetman.
Rugby League: Norths' Nickolas Sweetman. Allan Reinikka ROK250818aleague4

Norths coach Kane Hardy said it was a "brutal game”, resulting in two players with stitches and another off to hospital.

Despite being disgruntled with questionable calls from the ref, Hardy said it was a good game.

"It's come to an end, it's bit disappointing,” he said of the finals elimination.

"We're proud of what we've done with players we've used this year.

"They were in it today but at crucial times we weren't good enough.

"At 12-10 we had bit of the ball in first half like we did against Yeppoon but we didn't capitalise on it.”

Despite displaying "better running” in the first half, Hardy said Brothers came back out in the second and delivered even more.

"We got in the grind with them and we had chances there but we didn't take them,” Hardy said.

"We had no-one left on the bench... it does hurt with losing the rotation of the front rowers, but we put ourselves in good shape for the next couple of years.”

Dean Allen, Darcy Davey and Michael Hagenback were surprise additions on the field, after Allen and Davey passed fitness tests and Hagenback became available.

Josh Johnson and Hagenback were stand-outs in the middle, "tightening it up” when the Norths fell behind.

”They changed the game a bit... and the younger blokes stood up,” Hardy said.

”It's going to be good learning curve for them.”