BELGIAN police have reportedly shot a suspect wearing an "explosive belt" at Brussels Central Station.

Police raced to the scene, and soldiers were pictured at the cordon outside the city's main train terminal, after reports of a blast on Tuesday.

One suspect who was wearing an "explosive belt" was reportedly shot by the military after the explosion.

Police tweeted to say the "incident involving an individual" was under control and there were no other casualties.

Twitter user Rémy Bonnaffé shared a picture, purportedly taken inside the station, at the time of the reported explosions.
"Two loud detonations in Brussels Central. For my nose. Then quick popping after each other," he wrote.


Dozens of police cars could be seen outside the station as passengers reportedly fled "in panic".

Broadcaster RTL quoted Fires Services spokesman Pierre Meys confirming that some kind of an explosion had happened in the city's Central station.

Meys could not say what had caused the blast but could only confirm that firefighters were at the scene.

The Belgian capital's Grand Place, a major tourist site filled with restaurants and shops, was evacuated along with the station about 200m away.

Belgium has been on high alert since suicide bombers killed 32 people on the Brussels subway and at an airport in March last year.