Brute jailed for vile attack on 68YO victim


A 32-year-old brute with a nasty criminal history has been jailed for bashing three people including a 67-year-old man.

Wesley Stuart Bremner sat silent in a prison video meeting room as he was sentenced by a Caboolture magistrate today.

Bremner faced a total of 34 charges, including the shocking serious assault on the elderly man.

The court heard Bremner rained fists on the man after knocking another man unconscious when he was not let into the share house he had been living in on October 14, 2019.

The court heard Bremner swung a punch a the elderly man but missed as another man intervened, pushing Bremner.

That man then fell to the ground with Bremner, who then punched the man in the head and face.


Wesley Bremner was jailed for three violent assaults. Picture: Facebook
Wesley Bremner was jailed for three violent assaults. Picture: Facebook


The court heard the man was knocked out and Bremner turned his sights again to the elderly man, punching him in nose and the ear.

Five months later, Bremner punched a North Lakes on-site property manager in the face after the man came to the door of a home where Bremner was allegedly fighting with his partner.

The manager was greeted with the words "what the f*ck do you want" before being assaulted which left him with a mild concussion.

While the magistrate said Bremner - a qualified renderer who was keen to get back to work - had the capacity to change his life, the court also heard he had an eight-page criminal history which included convictions for common assault, robbery and drug offences.

He also breached suspended sentences and was on parole during parts of his most recent crime spree.

As well as the assaults, Bremner pleaded guilty to 16 counts of stealing along with a raft of other offences including wilful damage, breaching bail, and driving while disqualified by a court order.

He was given a head sentence, for the serious assault of a person over 60, and the assault occasioning bodily harm charge from October 14 last year, of cumulative jail terms of six months each - with pre-sentence custody of 98 days declared and an immediate parole eligibility date.

He was also sentenced to six months' jail, to run along side the other jail terms and also with an immediate parole eligibility date, for the assault occasioning bodily harm of the property manager.

He was also ordered to pay $500 compensation to each of his victims.

Originally published as Brute jailed for vile attack on 68YO victim