DEFENCE: Gladstone Souths defend their goal/
DEFENCE: Gladstone Souths defend their goal/ Jann Houley

Buckley and Farrow lead Southern Suburbs round 10 win

HOCKEY: Four-time consecutive final winners, Southern Suburbs, are undeniably the team to keep an eye on this year, but even the front-runners of the competition have room to improve.

It took until the third quarter of the round 10 game against Gladstone Souths for points to go up on the board.

On Saturday afternoon, the team delivered three goals off corners in the third and fourth quarters, sliding into the final minutes with a 3-0 win over Souths.

Alex Buckley scored two goals and Andrea Farrow the other.

HOCKEY CQ LEAGUE A1 WOMEN: Gladstone Souths' Ashleigh marks with the ball
HOCKEY CQ LEAGUE A1 WOMEN: Gladstone Souths' Ashleigh marks with the ball Jann Houley

Coach Lisa Morgan said despite being happy with the win, she was "a little disappointed” by the team's clunkiness in their goal scoring opportunities.

"We had lots of shots in goal but I think Souths' goalkeeper was really good,” Morgan said.

"I also thought some of our shot selections weren't great.

"I think we had about 16 corners, three conversions, which is not a great rate but it's nice to see we're starting to convert some corners.

"We'll go have a little more piecing practise and continue working on our transition from mid-field into the goal scoring opportunities.

"We've been working hard on that but there's still a long way to go before we're hitting out the strikes.”

Morgan said capitalising on opportunities was something the team needed to work on this season.

HOCKEY CQ LEAGUE A1 WOMEN: Southern Suburbs' Melissa Dobbs with the ball
HOCKEY CQ LEAGUE A1 WOMEN: Southern Suburbs' Melissa Dobbs with the ball Jann Houley

"We're creating a lot of goal scoring opportunities but our conversion is not up there at the moment,” she said.

"And in tough games, goals are hard to come by so we need to take those opportunities.

"I think our speed of ball and our speed of play when we've got the ball needs to improve. I think then we'll put ourselves in better positions to score goals.”

The team is nearly halfway through the season now, with the first half having been dedicated to finding their way and winning games.

"We don't want to be playing our best hockey yet,” Morgan said.

Goal scorer Buckley was a stand-out in Morgan's eyes.

"She was our centre mid and she got a lot of ball and created a lot. I thought she played really well,” she said.

New addition, Liz Hill, has also added to the team's attacking line.

"We only had one out this week, one of our mid fielders, so there's been a bit of a shuffle but nothing too drastic,” Morgan said.

"We've been fortunate to have those players on the park.”

Next week, Southern Suburbs plays Frenchville Rovers.

"We've got to be much better because I think Frenchville are the team breathing down our neck,” Morgan said.

"We will look at improving our speed, control and trying to stop some of their key players.

Round 10 Results Of Rockhampton & Cq League Fixtures


Meteors 8 (Mitch Ryan 3, Laith Ogden 2, Hayden Pease, Neil Pease, Darren Heard) def Frenchville Rovers 2 (Adam Bunn, Tim Byrne)

Wanderers 3 (Clinton McKay, Jarrod Deeth, Regan Weatherhead) def Southern Suburbs 2 (Nathan Doble, Riley O'Hanlon)

Sparks 2 (Crig Cavanagh, Alex Jeynes) drew with Park Avenue Brothers 2 (Lachlan Plant, Sean McDonald)


Southern Suburbs 3 (Alex Buckley 2, Andrea Farrow) def Gladstone Souths 0.

Frenchville Rovers 1 (Jess Moffat) drew with Wanderers 1 (Cassidy Knuth)

Meteors 2 (Jo Homann, Sue Raynor) def Park Avenue Brothers 0.


Wanderers 7 (R. Weatherhead 3, C. Evans 2, J. Evans 2) def Park Avenue Brothers 6 (Aiden Nicolaou 2, David Plant 2, Angus Lawrie, Shane Scott)

Southern Suburbs 8 (A. Bickell 3, N. Druery 2, R. Knowles, S. Gould, B. Christensen) def Frenchville Rovers 0.


Southern Suburbs 5 (T. O'Hanlon 2, A. Richards 2, S. Dei Rossi) def Park Avenue Brothers 1 (C. Mathews)

Wanderers 7 (K. Stevens 3, L. Furber, H. Kennedy, S. Carrington, K. Allom) def Frenchville Rovers 0


PA Brothers Gold 8 (B.  Cozier 5, C. Mackenzie 3) def Southern Suburbs 0.

Wanderers 5 (G. Plumb 2, A. Boswood, J. Parker, S. Thompson) def PA Brothers Red 1 (M. Harch)


Park Avenue Brothers 8 (M. Shepard 2, J. Watson 2, K. Thorne, T. Vidler, S. James, C. Matthews) def Wanderers 1 (C. Chapman)

Southern Suburbs 3 (R. Dennis, S. Hammond, T. Christensen) def Frenchville Rovers 0.