Mid Section Shot of a Builder Holding Bricks - Townsville Bulletin use only - Careerone generic
Mid Section Shot of a Builder Holding Bricks - Townsville Bulletin use only - Careerone generic

Builder claimed 24 bricks cost $1k in loss

A MAN who took 24 bricks from a vacant block at the Capricorn Coast believed they were rubbish from nearby construction sites.

Craig Rex Rodgers, 58, pleaded guilty on April 17 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of stealing.

Police prosecutor acting Sergeant Ellysha Geddes said Rodgers was photographed and filmed removing cement building bricks from the site and loading them into his Ford Falcon ute.

She said Department of Main Roads were able to identify the owner of the ute for police.

Sgt Geddes said police located the bricks at Rodgers home when they went to speak to him about the incident.

She said Rodgers admitted to taking the bricks, saying two unknown males at the property told him he could remove them.

The court heard Rodgers admitted to taking 24 bricks, but did not agree with the restitution amount of $1000 provided by Chris Warren Homes without an itemised quote.

Defence lawyer Brian McGowran said his client, who was on a disability pension due to an incident that left him in a wheelchair until he learned to walk again, had been a bricklayer prior to his accident.

He said Rodgers had gone to the construction sites to talk with Chris Warren about a job, but was denied the work due to the seriousness of his back injury.

Mr McGowran said the vacant block of land were the bricks were taken from looked like a dumping ground for excess material from the construction.

"He wasn't taking it off pallets. He did it in broad daylight," he said.

Mr McGowran said Boral sells the bricks for $2.50 per brick and Bunnings sold them for $4 per brick.

"The estimate of $1000 seems to have been plucked out of thin air," he said.

Mr McGowran said Rodgers offered to buy the bricks off the company, but police said the matter had to go through the courts. Magistrate Philippa Beckinsale ordered Rodgers to pay restitution of $300 and fined him $500. A conviction was recorded.