The Bulls' Steven Green boots the pill upfield.
The Bulls' Steven Green boots the pill upfield. Allan Reinikka ROK270517aafl2

Bulls blitz in first quarter sets up win

AUSSIE RULES: For the first time this year, Glenmore Bulls left the oval knowing they had played for all four quarters.

Too many times this season have they been sloppy and allowed games to slip away. Not so at the weekend.

A first quarter, seven goals to one blitz set up the game which saw the Bulls coast to a 69-point win over the Rockhampton Kangaroos.

Full-forward Shayne Fowler and player of the year Tim Higgins did the damage, with seven and four majors respectively.

AFL: Glenmore's Joshua Ketchup
Glenmore's Joshua Ketchup celebrated the AFL Capricornia's indigenous round with a victory. Allan Reinikka ROK270517aafl1

But coach Peter Cutts was more pleased with the change in attitude than anything.

"Our start won us the day, it was easily our best quarter of the year,” Cutts explained.

"The boys were really keen and switched on, our lead ins have been quite good but on Saturday a few things just clicked and they were up and running.

"Previous games we have let the opposition back in, this time it was our first effort to put multiple goals on quickly.”

The Bulls midfielders ran with vigour and kicked well to the forward pocket. Dale Park and Kyle Moffatt added three goals apiece.

AFL: Brothers' Brent Wood.
AFL: Brothers' Brent Wood. Allan Reinikka ROK270517aafl3

Cutts praised his leading goal-scorer.

"He is always good for a few goals but I pushed him for a big day,” he said.

"There were a couple from in front, most were from a good lead run though.

"I was extremely happy with how he and the whole team went. They all contributed early.

"Higgins played his usual role, Nick Payne was good, Jacob and Corey Redsell in the backs were strong and Phil Joncour our ruckman has been in really good form.”

After playing every side in the competition, Cutts said other than the obvious benchmark of Yeppoon, BITS and Panthers had been Glenmore's biggest test.

Round 5 of the AFL Capricornia saw the league celebrate indigenous round, Glenmore had five indignous players take to the field in both grades. Cutts applauded the league for allowing the move to go ahead.