INNOVATIVE IDEAS: Morgahna Godwin's making waves in innovation
INNOVATIVE IDEAS: Morgahna Godwin's making waves in innovation MIKAYLA HAUPT

This woman's app gives hope for ladies with endometriosis

A BUNDY graphic designer has made an app that will change the lives of Queensland women living with endometriosis.

Manage Endo's creator Morgahna Godwin recently founded a startup and connected with global entrepreneurs to support her idea at the Myriad Innovation Festival in Brisbane.

The app charts pain levels and lifestyle factors to help woman understand their symptoms and triggers.

Ms Godwin said she came up with the brilliant idea when her own endometriosis symptoms kept her from working and got the attention of the Advancing Regional Innovation Program (ARIP).

"The support I received through ARIP was absolutely invaluable as a regional startup founder," she said.

Innovation Minister Kate Jones said ideas like Manage Endo is creating jobs of the future in places like Bundaberg.

"We were proud to support Manage Endo to connect with some of the world's best innovators and venture capitalists at the Myriad Festival earlier this year," she said.

ARIP is part of a $650-million flagship supporting entrepreneurs like Ms Godwin.