Burnout sparks emergency call of potential explosion

WHEN neighbours saw smoke pouring from a Park Ave garage, they called emergency services.

But The Morning Bulletin understands when crews arrived on scene, they found the call about a potential explosion had been sparked by a motorbike doing a burnout inside a garage.

The Triple 0 call came in about 9.15pm with reports of a possible house fire in Snelling St.

As firefighters approached the area, they reported seeing a cloud of smoke.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services crews and Queensland Ambulance Service paramedics confirmed were called off the job when it was discovered the smoke had been caused by a burnout.

Residents in the street yesterday told The Morning Bulletin of the burnout, and a second subsequent one done by a car on the intersection with Symons St.

They said they were surprised by the incident, a rare event in the generally quiet neighbourhood.

Hooning offences are regular occurrences in the region, according to Inspector Adam Muir from Rockhampton police who spoke to The Morning Bulletin after 50 vehicles were impounded during one week in July.

Regardless of the vehicle's ownership, those caught can have the cars they're driving impounded or immobilised for 90 days if caught hooning, including making unnecessary smoke or noise by doing burnouts.

Drivers will be forced to pay the costs of towing and storage of their vehicle.

If the driver is caught and convicted of a subsequent offence, the vehicle can be forfeited to the state for good at the end of legal proceedings.

Making unnecessary smoke or noise can also carry a fine of up to $2438.

Report a hoon to the Hoon Hotline on 134666.