Burnouts in Eggmolesse street.
Burnouts in Eggmolesse street. Mike Knott BUN230118HOONS4

Burnouts while four times the legal limit

A 29-year-old man drove drunk to his mate's place while four times the legal limit, leaving part of a tyre on Arthur St and tracks in the bitumen, evidence of a car being driven with one tyre missing.

Benjamin Steven James Wright pleaded guilty yesterday in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of drink driving, one of driving while a vehicle was not safe and one of assaulting a police officer.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox said police were called to Arthur St at 1.45am on February 8 to reports of a motorist conducting burnouts.

He said police found part of a tyre on the road and dark marks indicating burnouts.

Mr Fox said officers noticed a silver Ford Falcon reversing out of a driveway near a vehicle matching the description provided by residents who reported the burnouts.

He said Wright was the passenger in the Ford and he told officers he had been drinking, had driven to his mate's place and the vehicle had "broken down”.

Wright had a blood alcohol content reading of 0.201.

Mr Fox said after Wright did the breath analyser, he deliberately breathed into the officer's face from 50cm away, which led to the assaulting police charge.

The duty lawyer said Wright had received bad news earlier that day that mediation over his child was not going to occur because his former partner did not want to participate.

She said he could not recall the drink driving incident.

The lawyer said Wright had been attending Alcoholics Anonymous for 12 months.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke said the drink driving and unsafe vehicle offences were potentially dangerous and disgusting behaviour.

He ordered Wright to pay $2300 in fines and disqualified him from driving for 12 months.

No criminal convictions were recorded.