Office worker businessman opening letter at his desk with expression of stress and fear.
Office worker businessman opening letter at his desk with expression of stress and fear.

Bushfires flare stress levels for residents across region

STRESS has increased in Central Queensland with the unfolding bushfires. Sleep deprivation caused by worry or becoming overcomitted in dousing the bushfire could impact long-term health. Also, friendship loss can give rise to feeling abandoned, which may cause languishing over the loss.

Sometimes intoxicating drinks and junk foods are relied on to counteract stress. Binging or daily consumption long-term leads to organ failure, which results firstly in chronic disease and then progresses to degenerative disease. An organ on the hit list potentially is your pancreas, when it fails other organs become strained.

Helpful advice to counteract bushfire stress is restful sleep, good daily salad and good friendship.

Restful sleep encourages wellbeing despite what’s been currently happening. Going to bed so as to obtain about eight hours sleep is advised. Fresh air if possible, coming through a window with the least possible use of bed clothes might further help sleep. Another approach is to bring milk to the simmer, take off the heat and then put in a mug, add a teaspoon of maple syrup and sip steadily over five minutes. If you have a sugar disorder maple syrup may not be suitable.

Good daily salad may consist of fresh certified organic leafy greens, grated carrot, shallot and tomato, which will help general immune vitality. In particular lettuce is helpful in cooling the bloodstream so make sure it’s the main ingredient in a vegetable salad. A fruit salad with chopped apples, bananas and watermelon is ideal to cool down. Properly grown they supply vitamins, minerals and enzymes to support health.

Good friendship while walking along the beach or in your local botanic gardens, so long as smoke haze isn’t problematic, may be helpful. Discussing overwhelming problems around the kitchen table might make worry worse. At least a walk will provide a cool breeze that’s somewhat refreshing.

Of course many communities throughout Australia have been dramatically impacted. The upside thank goodness is we’re not in a war zone. A great deal of speculation will emerge as to what should have happened during particular circumstances. As for me, I’m grateful for efforts made and have much respect for those directly involved on the front line.

What a marvellous nation we are with so many of us that have spent many years volunteering in numerous community ventures for goodwill betterment.

Peter Lewis is a Registered Naturopath Practitioner at Rockhampton Health Options.