Heidi Lawson takes on a law degree on top of running a business
Heidi Lawson takes on a law degree on top of running a business

Business owner taking a snip at a law degree at CQUniversity

IF owning her own business wasn't enough, Heidi Lawson has decided to take on a law degree.

The hairdresser, who owns a salon, wasn't sure about taking on a commitment like starting a law degree, but support from CQUniversity and its Office of Indigenous Engagement made it that much easier for Heidi.

Heidi started studying part-time at CQUniversity last year and said it was the university's staff that really encouraged her to pursue her interests in law. 

"With owning a hairdressing salon on campus, a lot of my clientele are university staff and many of them would talk to me about different study pathways," Heidi said.

"That's what got me thinking about university." On top of her studies and owning a business, Heidi has spent the past twelve months as an Applicant Board Director for the Iman People, which sees Heidi working with other Iman people to deliver the benefits and responsibilities that have been negotiated under Native Title.  

"It was being involved in these processes that generated my motivation to want to understand more about law," Heidi said.

When Heidi first took on her degree she accessed the uni's optimism program that helps keep students motivated.

"There is also a tutoring program, where most of the tutors have industry knowledge which is a huge benefit when you are learning," Heidi said.