Bust twice in one year

AN UNEMPLOYED construction worker has been disqualified from driving until October 2020 after being busted disqualified driving for the second time in a year.

Steven Mark Russell, 41, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Thursday to one count of disqualified driving and one count of failing to provide particulars.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox said police intercepted Russell driving on Archer St at 6.22pm on August 22.

Defence lawyer Doug Winning said Russell was busted disqualified driving on October 7 two hours before a cumulative disqualified driving period was due to end.

He said Russell was then disqualified in November for two years.

Mr Winning said Russell had not worked for three months due to the downturn in the building industry.

He said on August 22, he was driving his partner to an appointment.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke warned if Russell he disregards court orders again he would be facing a harsher penalty such as prison.

Russell was fined $900 and disqualified from driving for a further two years on Thursday.