Predator told 14-year-old girl he wanted 'her virginity’

A CAIRNS man who had been engaging in sexual conversation with a 14-year-old girl online was unaware he was in fact talking to police.

Creating a decoy Facebook account under the name "Emily James", the Cairns Magistrates Court heard Stephen Turoczi, 49, initiated and engaged in conversations with the girl even after she had informed him she was 14 years old.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Trevor Woodman said Turoczi began engaging in sexual conversation with Emily on Facebook Messenger.

"He commented on her breasts and asked if he could have sex with her," he said.

"He offered her $1000 to have sex in a motel."

The court heard Turoczi then instructed Emily to play with her genitalia and that he wanted "to take her virginity … and make her pregnant".

"He then requested her to send nude photos to him," Constable Woodman told the court. After several days of interaction, police terminated the operation on April 10, 2018 and conducted a search at Turoczi's house.

The court heard Turoczi made admissions in relation to speaking with "Emily James", but "couldn't remember what the content of the conversation was about".

Turoczi yesterday pleaded guilty to one count of using the internet to procure children under 16.

"It was very disgusting type of behaviour we don't want to subject a young person to," Sen-Constable Woodman said.

"We need to protect them as police officers."

Solicitor Melanie Maher said Turoczi was a man of limited intellectual capacity and that the offending was out of character. She said he was remorseful.

"He doesn't know why he did it," she told the court.

Ms Maher said while Mr Turoczi had asked "Emily" to send him naked images, no pictures or videos were ever exchanged.

"It was just a fantasy," she said.

Magistrate Robert Spencer sentenced Mr Turoczi to 15 months prison, wholly suspended for three years.

Mr Turoczi will also be listed on the child sex register for the next five years.