RURAL ISSUES: Larry Coleman wants to see Fitzroy Shire Council re-established.
RURAL ISSUES: Larry Coleman wants to see Fitzroy Shire Council re-established. CHRIS ISON

Call for Fitzroy to split from Rockhampton

WHEN rural and city areas combine, Larry Coleman believes it's the people in the bush who often lose out.

It's something he'd like to see change in Rockhampton, calling for a second de-amalgamation to re-establish the Fitzroy Shire Council.

His growing frustration over a stretch of road he labelled "life threatening" is just one reason the Morinish would like to see the former council make a comeback.

Although Mr Coleman said Rockhampton Regional Council was now repairing Glenroy Rd, he believes it shouldn't have be left to deteriorate to such an extent in the first place.

Despite being a dirt road, Mr Coleman said large cattle trucks used it daily and eventually large ruts had formed which several cars had "bottomed out" on.

"I honestly believe (ratepayers) deserve a little bit better attention," he said.

"I don't know of any other dirt roads in the area that have two or three heavy trucks on it each day."

Mr Coleman said the road had "degraded" since amalgamation with Rockhampton.

He is calling for a vote on de-amalgamation to give people in the former Fitzroy Shire the chance to have their say.

"You've got a rural shire joining with a city shire, being run by the city," Mr Coleman said.

"They've got no idea what's needed in the bush.

"It should be repaired when it needs repairing, not when it comes up on a list.

"The ratepayers out here … are not getting any sort of value."

Acting mayor Cherie Rutherford yesterday said grading works on Glenroy Rd were being brought forward and were underway following a site meeting with council and a local resident.