Schools and sporting groups in Victoria will be told to avoid terms like "mum", "dad", "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" as part of a push to curb the dropout and suicide rates of LGBTQI+ young people.

The North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network has set up the #SpeakingUpSpeaksVolumes campaign which will bring in unisex bathrooms, non-gendered playing teams and rainbow flags in a bid to be more inclusive.

The Herald Sun reports that the material suggests avoiding "gendered terms" such as husband and girlfriend instead of the non-gendered partner, and mum and dad rather than parent. Students are also encouraged to ask others which pronouns they use.

The network's CEO, Chris Carter, said the campaign "encouraged people to speak up and actively support LGBTQI+ kids".

"When someone is experiencing bullying, silence often feels like indifference, which can create a terrible sense of isolation," he told the Herald Sun.