COAL POWER: Many of Capricornia's candidates would like to see a replacement constructed for the Collinsville Power Station which was open between 1972-1988 and 1996-2013.
COAL POWER: Many of Capricornia's candidates would like to see a replacement constructed for the Collinsville Power Station which was open between 1972-1988 and 1996-2013. Peter Carruthers

Candidates discuss building a coal-fired power station in CQ

WITH one day remaining in the 2019 federal election campaign, Capricornia's candidates have shared their answers to The Morning Bulletin's latest question: "Do you support the construction of a new coal-fired power station in CQ? Why?”

The Greens - Paul Bambrick

"I cannot support any further public investment in new coal generation and no bank or private company has come forward to invest in it as the financial and environmental risk is too great,” Mr Bambrick said.

"Renewable electricity is now cheaper than coal. Solar thermal technology, which uses molten salt super-heated by concentrated sunlight to store heat, is now in use as a 24hr power source in Spain and the US.

"Similarly CQ is in a perfect location to develop the emerging hydrogen fuel technology. Australia must be part of these cutting edge technologies and CQU is perfectly placed to develop it.”

Katter's Australian Party - George Birkbeck

"Building the proposed Collinsville HELE coal fired power station is essential in ensuring our baseload power needs,” Mr Bambrick said.

"The Collinsville Energy Park with its mix of coal and renewables represents a sensible strategy going forward.

"I don't understand how we are expected to have complete faith in scientists predicting climate doom, but we doubt the ability of scientists to progress clean coal technology.”

DLP - Richard Temple

Democratic Labour Party's candidate for Capricornia Richard Temple.
Democratic Labour Party's candidate for Capricornia Richard Temple. Contributed

"A new power station in North Queensland is supported, the current market needs to be challenged to make pricing more competitive aiming to reduce electricity prices and have sustainable base load power,” Mr Temple said.

"The benefits of such a project would increase employment opportunities including traineeships and apprenticeships, another source of supply of electricity and simulate cost reductions as a result of having a competitive market.”

Independent - Ken Murray

"Weighing pros and cons of coal fired power, I've concluded they're best for hefty base load, while increasing more solar, wind, hydro and tidal power in our Capricornia,” Mr Murray said.

"Advantages include reliability, affordability, abundance, advanced technologies, safety, and efficiency. Coal's grunt for base power and off-peak power is great, utilising technologically advanced pulverised coal.

"Abundance of supply for hundreds of years. Greenhouse gas emissions jury is out, based on limited historical modelling. Our billions of carbon-sink trees can easily cope with outputs.

"Destruction can be minimised with realistic offset areas and adaptive management. If they don't stack up, don't do it.”

LNP - Michelle Landry

"I do support new coal-fired, baseload power for our region and this is evident in the LNP's $10million backing of a feasibility study into our power needs, focused on the Dalghan Energy Park at Collinsville,” Ms Landry said.

"DEP features a solar field teamed with a modern, High Efficiency Low Emission coal-fired power station.

"This setup should be a perfect way to not only increase power supply, dropping prices, but to create jobs for up to 2,000 in construction and over 600 in operation. This is the power station of the future and I back it 100 per cent”

ALP - Russell Robertson

"If a private investor wants to spend billions of dollars in central Queensland for a major project generating local jobs and investment, then of course I'm supportive,” Mr Robertson said.

"What I would not like to see though is billions of dollars of taxpayers' money put at risk, especially given Queensland already has the most modern fleet of base load power stations in the country and exports surplus power to the southern states.

"What we don't want is pie in the sky nonsense from spivs like Clive Palmer who is about as likely to build a power station as he is to float Titanic II.”