Capras coach Kim Williams.
Capras coach Kim Williams. Chris Ison ROK140318ccapras1

Capras down two playmakers after weekend win

LEAGUE: COMING off the back of last weekend's 15-14 blitz against the Easts Tigers, Central Queensland Capras coach Kim Williams is putting aside celebrations and focusing on making sure the boys bring even more muscle this weekend.

This Saturday's match against the North Devils will be one to catapult the CQ team ahead or push them "back to square one.”

"It was a pretty happy change room,” Williams said.

"The wins are obviously the thing we're after but the style and performance they put on was the most pleasing.

"The guys are pretty proud of each other and particularly the way they came back to regain the lead. It added to their confidence as well.”

Williams said overall, the Capras performed well defensively, however "took the pressure off the Tigers” a couple of times.

"They should've been kicking from deep within their own half in just one defence areas and all of a sudden they were attacking within our half,” Williams said.

"That's our major improvement area; to just build that pressure and add a little attention to detail, things we fell down on in defence.

"It was a good round one performance but it's round one and we expect to improve every week... we definitely need to do that.”

Although the Capras walked away with a nail-biting win, two stellar players, Jack Madden and Bill Cullen, both sustained injuries in the match.

"We're going to give them every chance until Friday's final training session,” Williams said.

"Jack is probably the worse of the two with a lower leg injury so we're trying to manage that as best we can.

"Bill Cullen, we thought may have had a cracked or broken rib but x-rays haven't shown anything significant... we suspect heavy bruising on the rib.

"He's improved significantly and we're hoping it continues and he will play. Jack is 50/50 at this point in time.

"Jack's one of the toughest guys around and will give himself every chance... he's very professional.”

If Madden is to sit out this weekend, Maipele Morseu will be stepping up as captain.

"We made that call at training last night and he knows where he stand if it comes to that,” Williams said.

"He'll train the rest of the week and wait and see.”

Despite ensuring the win doesn't go to their heads, Williams said the team learnt "if they get behind, they're good enough to come back”, as well as the importance of earning those early points.

"We didn't score in the second half and that last play cost us,” Williams said.

"We didn't get any repeat sets in the second half... it makes a difference as they were able to build pressure on us.

"If we get behind, we need to stay confidence, stay composed and be able to get the two points.”