GOING STRONG: Capricorn Resort became a destination unto itself when it opened in the mid-1980s.
GOING STRONG: Capricorn Resort became a destination unto itself when it opened in the mid-1980s. Allan Reinikka

CAP RESORT: Development plans, approvals expected this year

CAPRICORN Resort accommodation may have closed in 2016, but Tsuruya Restaurant and Capricorn Resort Golf Club have continued to thrive.

Iwasaki Sangyo's owners representative Toshiyuki Suda and Capricorn Resort Yeppoon Division Manager Shusaku Arikawa said the popularity of the two elements of the resort that did remain open is a testimony to the support by the community and the dedication to offering first rate service.

"When the decision was made for the resort to close due to the severe economic climate, we wanted to continue serving the community as we have done since the resort first began in the mid-1980s," Mr Arikawa said.

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"We believed these elements were important for the community and have been very pleased to see both Tsuruya Restaurant and the golf course doing very well.

"Last year we saw a 10 per cent increase in patronage to the restaurant which continues to offer the exquisite and delicate flavours of Japanese cuisine.

"Executive chef Mr Ajisaka was one of the first chefs who originally set up our Japanese restaurant at the resort and he returned a few years ago and continues to bring high quality cuisine in line with what we serve in our restaurant in Japan.

"We also have 3000 Wagyu cattle on the property and are preparing to serve high quality and tasty Iwasaki Wagyu beef at Tsuruya with a variety of dishes on the menu.

"We are very proud of the cattle we have raised in Yeppoon and look forward to seeing our customers taste our beef."

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Mr Arikawa said the Karl Litten-designed 18-hole golf course, with "a back nine that will take your breath away'', was still very popular for corporate events, junior tournaments and for all players.

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"We also have one of the best practice facilities around with a 300 yard driving range, two practice putting greens and a pitching and bunker area along with a fleet of motorised carts," he said.

"We are thrilled the Capricorn Coast community have continued to support these two fine elements of the resort and look forward to the time when a new resort will be built for everyone to enjoy."

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Mr Suda said plans we still under way for the reconstruction of a new resort combining all the elements the community has enjoyed and more.

"We are still in the middle of having our Environmental Impact Study completed and are in talks with the State Government weekly to progress this project," Mr Suda said.

"We are finalising our concept plans and once all our plans and approvals are in place we will begin the job of demolishing the old buildings to make way for the new development.

"Iwasaki Sangyo Co have been very busy in the background doing what we can to advance this project as rapidly as possible.

"We expect to have all plans, concepts and approvals in place this year as scheduled.

"We all look forward to seeing a new and improved Capricorn Resort fully functional sooner rather than later.

"We are thankful the community have continued to support the restaurant and golf course and look forward to the time when a full resort will once again be operational."

The Iwasaki Foundation has also continued to support not for profits, community groups and individuals throughout the years.

Mr Suda and Mr Arikawa said the foundation offers twofold support.

"We offer a bursary to four to five students each year for their continued education and development," he said.

"We also offer community grants for eligible not for profit groups.

"We have always wanted to continue to participate in our community engagement and will continue to do so."