Adani road works underway at Carmichael Mine
Adani road works underway at Carmichael Mine Roslyn Budd

Capricornia candidates discuss support for Adani's mine

CLARIFICATION, 8pm: The first version of this report was inadvertently missing Labor candidate Russell Robertson's input due to an oversight by The Morning Bulletin. His views had been included in another story on Labor leader Bill Shorten's opinion on Adani and coal which also appeared in the print edition of The Weekend Bulletin Pages 4-5 alongside the candidates' answers.

Shorten on the coal face in CQ talks up mining

We have been advised (Saturday) that Mr Robertson has been criticised by two candidates on social media for not responding to the Adani questions. This is incorrect and wrong. We apologise for the oversight that led to the confusion. You can read about his views below (under Michelle Landry's) and in the link above.

LNP - Michelle Landry


Capricornia MP Michelle Landry at the Rookwood Weir site.
Capricornia MP Michelle Landry at the Rookwood Weir site. Contributed

SPEAKING from Moranbah yesterday, Capricornia MP Michelle Landry said she totally supported Adani Carmichael coal mine, a project she regarded as extremely important for Central Queensland.

"This is about jobs for Central and North Queenslanders and it's also about improving our economy. We've had tough times over the last six years in the mining sector and this is a glimmer of hope for people," she said.

"It has the highest environmental conditions of any mine ever in this nation."

Ms Landry said her strong support for Adani's Carmichael mine was part of a broader strategy to stick up for coal mining in general in Central Queensland.

She said the industry was not only under assault politically by The Greens and Labor but also from environmental activists.

"If we back down to these green activists now, they will go after every coal mine," she said.

"People don't realise that, so we've got to be strong, we've got to stand united and we've got to stand up for the Carmichael coal mine."  

ALP - Russell Robertson


ROCKHAMPTON VISIT: Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development Anthony Albanese, Queensland Senator Murray Watt, Labor Candidate for Capricornia Russell Robertson, Rockhampton MP Barry O'Rourke.
Labor Candidate for Capricornia Russell Robertson Leighton Smith

Labor's candidate for Capricornia Russell Robertson has been called on by his challengers to be more vocal in his support for Adani's Carmichael Mine project.

"I've made my stance clear, that I support coal, and I support coal mining communities. I support this project and others going ahead when they stack up," Mr Robertson said.

"If the Adani project passes all the required environmental, regulatory and financial hurdles then it should proceed.

"But it is important that we have good local, permanent jobs, not any more casualisation of the coal mining industry.

As a third generation coal miner, Mr Robertson said the industry has been - as it has for thousands of other central Queensland families - his family's bread and butter for decades.

"The opening of the Galilee Basin, like the Bowen Basin, is important to me. It means good stable jobs," Mr Robertson said.

"I want to see real jobs and investment, not waste my time with cheap politics, which is why I don't buy into the fake coal war and puerile scare campaign."

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One Nation - Wade Rothery


ONE NATIONS Wade Rothery.
One Nation candidate for Capricornia Wade Rothery. Allan Reinikka ROK130319arothery

Nation stands 100 per cent behind the Adani project and all mining applications in the Galilee Basin according to Wade Rothery. (pictured above). "The economic boost Capricornia will receive is long overdue and the mine's approval will directly create thousands of full-time job opportunities for tradesmen and apprentices, while indirectly increasing job numbers in other sectors.

"Australia's coal is some of the cleanest burning in the world and will lift millions of Indian people out of poverty while providing cost-effective power solutions.

"While 1600 new coal-fired power stations are being built across the world, Australia has a right to provide the coal," he said.

The Greens - Paul Bambrick


Greens Brandon Jones, Paul Bambrick and Michelle Taylor.
Photo Allan Reinikka / The Morning Bulletin
Greens Brandon Jones, candidate for Capricornia Paul Bambrick and Michelle Taylor. Allan Reinikka

Mr Bambrick (pictured above) said he opposed the Adani coal mine which he said was environmentally destructive, sucking up billions of litres of precious groundwater from our region, further devastating drought-stricken farmers.

"This must be a strategic transition from coal to clean energy, a necessary change which will create many more jobs in renewables for coal workers and our broader community, protect the reef, preserve our water supply and lower power bills.

"No one is suggesting this will be easy but we either fight climate change now on our own terms or procrastinate at our peril," Mr Bambrick said.

Katter's Australian Party - George Birkbeck


ROK-glenmore1   George Birkbeck and his Granddaughter Clare (Clare's surname unknown)   Photo Supplied.
George Birkbeck and his Granddaughter Clare

Mr Birkbeck (above) said it was a policy of his party to open new coal mines, with Adani being one of dozens of mines that could potentially exist within the Galilee Basin.

"The Galilee Basin is a huge asset and its resources belong to the people of Australia," he said.

"I want 20 mines in the Galilee. I hope people realise how serious we are about getting jobs out of the Galilee Basin and making sure that it's not just for the benefit of one user."

He had reservations about Adani paying to build their own rail line preferring instead for the government to build and own the rail line to it, enabling other mines to share the infrastructure, while making money for tax payers.

United Australia Party - Lindsay Sturgeon


Lindsay Sturgeon is the latest Candidate to join the race for the Capricornia seat in the 2019 federal election.
United Australia Party candidate for Capricornia Lindsay Sturgeon. United Australia Party

Mr Sturgeon (above) said the United Australia Party was supportive of mining including the Adani project, which he supported "in principle".

Given that he was a federal candidate, he said the responsibility had now fallen upon the state to make the final decision on Adani's project.

He said opening the Galilee Basin depended on may variables including environmental and economic factors.

"I support the coal industry and developing jobs in our region as well as developing our refining processes in Australia to maximise the revenue we can drive for the prosperity of our people," he said.

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