THE VOICE: John Farnham wows the crowd.
THE VOICE: John Farnham wows the crowd.

Carnival of Flowers events smash visitor records

THE Heritage Bank Festival of Food and Wine received a record number of visitors at the weekend, with 28,136 tickets sold across the three days.

This figure was up 6,906 from last year, with Saturday night of the event selling out.

"It's no surprise to those who were there, because certainly Saturday night was pumping," Toowoomba Regional Council environment and community committee chair Cr Geoff McDonald said.

"With John Farnham (on Sunday) we were close to a sell-out too. But it was our biggest Sunday ever.

"There was a lot of good feedback; it was an extraordinary first weekend."

Mr Farnham performed a fitting finale on Sunday night, with his song The Voice wowing the crowds.

"I can assure you that those who saw him definitely got their ticket's value worth," Cr McDonald said.

Commenting on posts on The Chronicle's Facebook page, residents said the Festival of Food and Wine was "as amazing as ever".

"Absolutely fantastic night. John was awesome and the crowd sang and danced from start to finish," Rachel Davey said.

"Excellent night and just so cheap and nearby. Couldn't pass up the opportunity. Amazed at the amount of people there," Sue Waters said.

Strong numbers also attended other weekend events during the 70th Carnival of Flowers.

Cr McDonald said he predicted 100,000 people watched the Grand Central Floral Parade on Saturday.

"I reckon this year's crowd numbers were probably the biggest, or they would be close to," Cr McDonald said.

"The difference was people came down town a little bit early because they heard of the freedom of entry ceremony."

2019 Grand Central Floral Parade. : 2019 Grand Central Floral Parade.
2019 Grand Central Floral Parade. : 2019 Grand Central Floral Parade.

Grand Central Floral Parade Winners   Grand Champion Float: Woolworths.   Best Corporate Float: The Chronicle, 2nd: USQ, 3rd: Palm Lake.    Best Community Float: Yellow Bridge, 2nd: St Vinnies, 3rd: Toowoomba Filipino Community, Highly Commended: Nat Spary's Beard.   Best Visiting Float: Bhakti Central Gold Coast.   Best Walking/Marching Group: YWCA, 2nd: Dance Central, 3rd: Magic Munchkins, Highly Commended: Downlands College Art Show.   Best Multicultural Celebration: Toowoomba Mayalee Association, 2nd: Toowoomba Thai Community, 3rd: Chenda Melam.   Best Creative Visual Entry: Penny Farthings.   Best Band: Toowoomba Municipal Band, 2nd: Warwick Thistle, 3rd: Redlands Ladies.    Best Carnival Spirit: Korean Community float.