The suspected two vehicle crash on the Gavial Gracemere Rd, just after Broadhurst St.
The suspected two vehicle crash on the Gavial Gracemere Rd, just after Broadhurst St. Zhanae Conway-Dodd

Low act as unconscious crash victim robbed at scene

AS crash victim Brad Healy lay unconscious beside a Gracemere car wreck, a bystander has seemingly stolen $180 and a meat raffle voucher from his wallet.

Mr Healy, 51, managed to climb out of the smashed-up Commodore after it had slammed into a four-wheel drive on Saturday morning on Gavial-Gracemere Rd (crash scene pictured).

He was one of four people injured in the crash, his face slamming into the dashboard on impact.

He passed out shortly after escaping the wreck.

As he lay there, he has a vague recollection of someone placing his wallet beside him, saying, "here's your wallet, mate."

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Just moments before the accident he'd placed the wallet on his lap after checking its contents and believes it hit the floor of the car when the Commodore crashed.

He was certain it contained $180 in cash, a handful of coins and a meat voucher he'd won at a Park Avenue Hotel raffle.

His son, who attended the crash, discovered the wallet was empty.

"My son got it and opened it up and said "Did you have any money in there, dad?," Mr Healy said yesterday.

"I said 'yeah, why?' and he said, 'there's not one cent, not 5 cents".

A stunned Mr Healy said stealing from someone in such a situation was one of the lowest acts possible.

"Only one thing lower, and that is stealing from someone dead on the side of the road," he said.

"What piece of crap could do such a thing?"

Mr Healy, who escaped the accident with severe bruising, did have a bit of a laugh about it while he was being checked over in Rockhampton Hospital.

"Ah, well, look at the bright side, I'm alive and he must have needed it more than I did."

Mr Healy believes the 24-year-old driver of the Commodore lost control of the car as he suffered a seizure.

He said he'd just accepted a lift to the shops from the young driver when it all went terribly wrong on Gavial-Gracemere Rd about 10am.

"When I looked across he was convulsing in the front seat," he said.

"It happened so fast but in my mind it all happened so slow."

A 60-year-old male and a 65-year-old woman travelling in the four-wheel drive were injured while the 24-year-old driver of the Commodore suffered back injuries.

The 60-year-old sustained lower limb injuries and was trapped for a period of time while the woman had head and shoulder injuries.

All four people were taken to Rockhampton Hospital by ambulance.

Mr Healy had woken up on the roadside "with a bloke about to give me mouth to mouth".

"I laughed about it last night.

"He put me on my side and had opened my mouth. But I was starting to come good and I said, 'Mate, I'm okay, go and look after someone else'.

"I couldn't move really, I couldn't feel my legs. They said I must have pinched something. When my son got there I asked him if I still had legs because I couldn't feel them."

Mr Healy said the driver of his vehicle had not been speeding, but as he was having the fit and veered towards the other vehicle, he wasn't sure if he hadn't "flattened it" before impact.

"I think that might be how we finished up so far from where we hit them."

Mr Healy spoke to the injured driver in hospital and said the 24-year-old man was "alright" but couldn't remember anything about the crash.

Mr Healy, who runs a sandblasting business, had woken up very sore and would take a week off work.

Attempts to get updates on the condition of the other patients in the four-wheel-drive were unsuccessful.

Police said the investigations into the cause of the crash were ongoing and no one had been charged at this stage.

There had been no formal complaint to police in relation to items stolen at the scene.