Casper on a dose of meth is a not-so-friendly bull arab

WHEN Casper the bull arab cross ate up a dose of meth at a North Rockhampton home, all hell broke loose.

The two-year-old pet turned savage, biting his owner and attempting to maul a woman before his owner jumped on him and stabbed him with a kitchen knife to stop the attack.

The RSPCA attended the Norman Gardens address on July 23, after receiving a compliant Geoffrey Lucas Mills, 41, had fed his dog methamphetamines and then stabbed him multiple times.

The RSPCA statement of facts from Mills’ court appearance in Rockhampton last week said police were already on scene when the RSPCA inspector arrived.

A police officer told the RSPCA inspector that Casper had licked meth and then tried to attack Mills’ partner and Mills had responded by stabbing his pet twice.

Casper was seized by the RSPCA and taken to a veterinary clinic for treatment to “two small linear wounds”, which required stitches and drains.

Both of Casper's wounds required stitches and drains after the stabbing.
Both of Casper's wounds required stitches and drains after the stabbing.

In a later interview with the RSPCA, Mills said he thought someone had fed his dog speed and Casper had then become “very angry, scared and aggressive”.

“When he tried to grab Casper, Casper bit him and then went for (his partner) and Mills was scared for her,” the RSPCA statement reads.

“He tripped over and jumped on Casper but Casper wouldn’t stop.”

He then grabbed the kitchen knife and stabbed Casper who then “settled down”.

He said he had intended to take Casper to a vet for treatment.

The matter was heard in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on November 29.

Mills pleaded guilty to breach of duty of care for failing to take Casper to a vet for treatment and to cruelty for stabbing the dog.

The statement of facts show Mills has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar and is unemployed.

He was sentenced to six months jail for the cruelty offence and two months jail for the fail to treat offence.

He was ordered to pay vet fees of $1,504.39, legal fees of $750, court fees of $101.80 and prohibited from owning an animal until November 2024.

All costs were referred to SPER and the court ordered the terms of imprisonment be served concurrently with a parole release date of December 14.