Catching criminals getting a lot easier

CRIMINOLOGY specialist Terry Goldsworth was a policeman for 28 years. And since he had left the force he said technologies used to catch criminals had come a long way.

With small businesses improving their security measures to help bring offenders to justice, the Bond University lecturer said the police were finding it easier to catch criminals with more CCTV cameras.

He said with breakthroughs like the ability for police to tap into landlines and mobile phones, technology was making it easier for police to catch offenders quickly.

"Online is a place some criminals like to use in their offending... with technology these days, you are likely to be caught," he said.

Rockhampton CIB's Detective Sergeant Steve Paskin said more businesses in the region were installing CCTV cameras.

Although he couldn't delve into what methods the CIB office used in its investigations, he said he would advise small business owners in Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast to consider installing cameras.

"These measures certainly help with our investigations," he said.