Cr Neil Fisher and Cr Ellen Smith near the pig trap on Mt Archer.
Cr Neil Fisher and Cr Ellen Smith near the pig trap on Mt Archer.

CAUGHT: 24 feral pigs trapped in Mount Archer operation

TWENTY-four feral pigs have now been trapped at Mount Archer, much to the excitement of nearby residents.

Rockhampton Regional Council has been working in partnership with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and private landholders to try and curb the ongoing issue for a number of months.

The feral pigs were causing havoc in residents’ backyards , ruining vegetation around the national park and causing a danger on the roads.

It was confirmed at Tuesday’s council meeting that local laws officers were successful in capturing and ­euthanising three sows and two boars.

As of December 13, QPWS had captured 19 feral pigs.

“The community response has been very positive, and feral pig activity in the area has reduced to the point that we have now been able to remove the trap in Fraser Park,” Planning and Regulatory Committee chair councillor Ellen Smith said.

“Unfortunately, feral pigs are likely to be an ongoing issue, and we will be working to establish more permanent traps in other areas of Mount Archer. We would also still urge everyone to report any evidence of feral pig activity.

“It is wonderful, however, to be able to take a moment and recognise the progress that has been made. I would like to thank and congratulate everyone who has worked to make this progress possible.”

Trapping was not active over the Christmas period. Traps will now be moved to the First Turkey area.

Feral pig activity can be reported at 4932 9000 or through the FeralScan mobile app.