Paisley Park Leichhardt 02.02.2017    Photos by Fiora Sacco copyright reserved 2017
Paisley Park Leichhardt 02.02.2017 Photos by Fiora Sacco copyright reserved 2017 Fiora Sacco

Celeb chef to help tackle childhood obesity

TO PROMOTE healthy eating habits in children, Paisley Park Early Learning Centre Bundaberg is teaming up with leading chef and TV host Miguel Maestre.

The collaboration is designed to lead the fight against childhood obesity in Australia where nearly a quarter of children are overweight by the time they turn five.

The initiative also aims to combat the rise in children not eating with a knife and fork correctly, some still can't by the age of 12.

In an Australian first, the early learning centre will have Mr Maestre help children learn about dinner table etiquette, cooking and healthy eating.

Paisley Park co-founder Kat Wieczorek-Ghisso said they were delighted to have Miguel's talents make a difference in local families' lives.

"At Paisley Park we know how important a child's relationship with food is and so we are committed to providing all the elements to make sure our children develop great healthy eating habits from an early age," Paisley Park co-founder Kat Wieczorek-Ghisso said.

"I'm really concerned that in this country we have some of the highest rates of childhood obesity in the world.

"There are a lot of families who are just not sure what to offer children and so we want to show people that this actually does work and that their children can make better life choices.

"Children learn more about food when they are involved in the process and can experience the process first-hand."

Miguel said he was excited to be working with the Paisley Park team to empower pre-school children, their parents and carers with inspiration and information while having fun along the way.

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