DELEGATION: Students arrive at the airport.
DELEGATION: Students arrive at the airport. Contributed

Chinese student delegation builds stronger CQ ties

AFTER experiencing the warm hospitality of Rockhampton in March, Australia International Trade Association CEO Michael Guo returned last week with a Chinese student delegation in tow.

Aimed at fostering closer ties between the two countries and allowing the Chinese students to better understand the Australia education system and the local culture, Mr Guo said the Chinese students completed a short study tour in CQUniversity, attending English classes, sightseeing and talking with locals

During his visit, Mr Guo said he had positive discussions and a warm welcome from CQUniversity, Rockhampton Region Council and Rockhampton MP Barry O'Rourke MP on the study tour which would significantly help the students to understand the local conditions of Rockhampton and make them consider Rockhampton as one of their best choices to complete further education.

Talking with Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor of CQUniversity Alastair Dawson, Mr Guo said they discussed the further co-operation and collaboration possibilities between AITA and CQUniversity.

"CQUniversity highly paid attention to our student delegation. The Chinese students enjoyed their time in CQUniversity. They communicated and made friends with the local students well,” Mr Guo said.

"It truly helped them better know the local people and local culture.

"AITA would like to build a long-term co-operation with CQUniversity and become its strategic partner in order to advance the communication and development of China and Australia in education, science and technology areas.”

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DELEGATION: Team work with local students.
DELEGATION: Team work with local students. Contributed

He said the students consulted with the staff of CQUniversity seeking to know how to apply to the university for full- time study.

Mr Guo enjoyed productive discussions with Mr O'Rourke about potential business opportunities, balancing the harmony of the community with commerce and encouraging future visitors.

"The universities like CQUniversity is the important strength and resource of Rockhampton. Since the Chinese students study in Rockhampton, their parents and families will visit or accompany them here,” he said.

DELEGATION: Students in CQU.
DELEGATION: Students in CQU. Contributed

"They will also see Rockhampton as the destination for tourism, living or even investment and doing business. There will be huge opportunities for Rockhampton.”

"I look forward to the further close working relationship with the Office of Barry O'Rourke in order to increase the awareness of Rockhampton together.”

Mr Guo also paid tribute to the role of RRC, saying they also cared for these students and issued them with study tour certificates.